Stylist Spotlight

Jodi Shachar


We asked our Stylist/Colorist Jodi Shachar how she became such an expert in blondes and to tell us where she thinks the blonde trend is heading...

Why do you love doing hair?
It's fun :) I LOVE the science behind it, seeing the change happen and making people feel good about themselves. 

Why do your clients keep coming back?

Clients trust me. They trust that I get their color right every time, whether they're coming for a drastic change or simply a retouch; and on top of it, I am a lot of fun. It’s like being in the chair with a girlfriend that knows how to do your hair!

Why did you choose blonde as your area of expertise?

It found me really, I didn't find it. I realized that when I was training in California, I was good at it and blonde was something that was difficult for most stylists so it started to become my niche and here I am.

What makes your clients so unique?

They all have very interesting lives, whether professional or stay at home moms. They are busy and sophisticated. They trust me as a friend and stylist. We all want to be loved, we all want to be happy and it's so cool to see what connects us all. I get a little something, a little knowledge, from everyone that sits in my chair. I feel that my clients make me more worldly. I get to experience different points of view and understand so many new ways of living.

What is the meaning of true beauty to you?

Kindness and confidence. Making a stand for what you believe in and being confident enough to stick up for yourself or for someone else. Being comfortable in your skin and helping others feel comfortable in their own skin by reflecting their true inner beauty on their outward appearance.

Jodi’s Blonde Forecast:

Blonde is sexy and surprisingly hard to achieve with a lot of different shades to achieve. We're moving away from the golden blondes towards cooler and even champagne tones. Color is less streaky and more solid. Blonde is becoming a color, not just the lack thereof. 

Helpful Hints from Jodi:

-When you have blonde hair it is extremely important to keep your hair healthy. You can achieve healthy hair with a weekly deep conditioner, a daily leave-in moisturizer, and a color support shampoo and conditioner.

-My favorite deep conditioner is Phyto Nectar oil. It is a pre-shampoo conditioner and can be left on overnight giving your hair strength to prevent breakage. I am loving Young Again by Kevin Murphy as a leave-in moisturizer. 

-Young Again will moisturize your hair all day which helps keep your hair soft and shiny without weighing your hair down. It also has heat protectant in it which prevents damage from your blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. Heat protection is a must for healthy hair. Using a color support shampoo and conditioner helps close the cuticle and lock the color in for longer lasting hair color. 

-To prevent brassiness in your beautiful blonde, Davines Alchemic in silver is the best!

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